CerberusProspect with EP475 and Kes.png

Cerberus covers 4 blocks off the northern coast of Western Australia, and contains 5 high potential fields. These fields are listed below.

Gallant seismic.PNG


Gallant is a prospect located in the lower Cretaceous stratigraphic sequence. Water depth is around 25m and the crest of the field is quite shallow at 120m.

Honeybadger seismic 2.PNG


Honeybadger is a prospect located in the lower Triassic aged canyons. The depth to the crest is approximately 1950m. The reservoir we believe is filled with high net to gross Turbidite sands, with a high chance of stacked pay.

Kes seismic 2.PNG


Kes has a crest approximately 955m from the surface, and a water depth of only 12m. A nearby well, Kybra-1 has multiple levels of fluid inclusions and bitumen staining within the Triassic stratigraphic sequence. We believe Kes has 2 potential source intervals.

Belfon seismic.PNG


Belfon has a tilted fault block structure, and is located inside of a Permian Kennedy reservoir, sealed by lower Triassic shale. The crest of the reservoir is approximately at 1700m. Basin modeling supports the likeliness of oil charge.

Rudder seismic 3.PNG


Rudder is targeting biggada turbidite channels. The crest of Rudder is approximately at a depth of 1150m.