Our Projects

Tanami Energy has obtained 100% of the ownership rights to two substantial plots located in the North West Shelf off of Western Australia. These fields are Cerberus and EP-497. We are currently in the early stages of exploration, analysing substantial amounts of 3D seismic and geological data, with plans to begin drilling in 2020.

We are actively looking for farm-in partners.

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Cerberus spans 4 blocks in the North West Shelf; blocks TP-27, EP-490, EP-491, and EP-475. Inside these blocks are 5 exciting high-potential prospects. These fields are Honeybadger, Kes, Gallant, Belfon, and Rudder. The 4 blocks cover an area that is approximately 3,747 km².

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EP-497 contains the Santa Cruz field, named after an exploration well drilled in 1993. The block covers an area of approximately 464 km².